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    Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover Review – Does It Really Work

    The Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover is one of those products that I continually eyeballed for several months before finally deciding to buy one. I kept seeing it everywhere, from ads on tv to ads on my laptop as well as on the shelves of several department stores I ventured into. It was a JML product and I’m no stranger to those, in fact, I use their mineral magic face powder which I really love so I was hoping that this little item would be an effective addition to my skincare device collection. But if I’m being honest, I couldn’t help but be sceptical because this was after all…

  • Best Home Pedicure Tools
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    5 Best Home Pedicure Tools 2018

    The best home pedicure tools can be a great way to achieve salon smooth feet all within the comfort of your own home and usually for a fraction of the price of a salon treatment (well, depending on how high end you want to go with your at home product). But even if you do feel like splurging on a more expensive product, once you have it, the savings will soon out way the recurring cost of constant salon treatments after just a handful of uses. What’s even better is that you can do it at any time that suits you and you don’t have to go through the embarrassing…

  • Which Clarisonic Is The Best
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    Which Clarisonic Is The Best – What’s The Difference Between Them?

    I remember when I first bought my Clarisonic, it took me several days to figure out which one I wanted. It’s no surprise really because there are a few different ones to choose from but which Clarisonic is the best and what’s the difference between each device? The Clarisonic is a great cleansing tool and I knew I wanted to get my hands on one so after several days of debating, I finally opted for the Mia 2 which you can read my full review on here but it wasn’t an easy decision. I was torn between whether I wanted more features like those of the Smart Profile or whether…

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    FOREO UFO Mask Review – My Newest Coolest Skincare Accessory

    I don’t know about you but for me when it comes to new skincare gadgets I’m very easily excited and it doesn’t take much to persuade me to make impulsive purchases. My bank account will be the first to confirm this and my latest splurge on the FOREO UFO Mask is undoubtedly my most excessive to date. Yes, it’s pretty expensive but with so many people raving about this thing, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to see what all the fuss was about even if it was somewhat of a guilty expenditure. Plus I really couldn’t help myself, my SOS (shiny object syndrome) took over and…

  • Foreo vs Clarisonic
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    Foreo Vs Clarisonic – The Battle Of The Cleansing Brushes

    If you’re into your facial cleansing gadgets then you’ve probably already faced the dilemma of Foreo vs Clarisonic and debated over which one you should pick. They’re both at the top of the cleansing brush market and they both do pretty much the same thing but is one more effective than the other. How do you decide which one to buy or if you’re already using one, should you switch to the other? It’s actually a very common question so me being me I had to try them both. I originally started out with the Clarisonic Mia 2 which I used and loved for quite a long time but when…

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    The 24k Beauty Bar – Make Room Jade Roller, You’ve Got Some Competition

    So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a real problem and my purchase of the 24k beauty bar has just confirmed it even more so. You see I suffer from what’s generally known as shiny object syndrome, you know that syndrome where whenever you see something that looks shiny or pretty, you go “oooh, I have to have that and I have to have it right now”. Well, that’s me to the extreme point where I think I need to start a dedicated group called SO Anonymous, seriously people, I need help. My dresser is now starting to look like the skincare product version of Mr. Magorium’s wonder…

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    Foreo Luna 2 Review – My New Favourite Cleansing Brush

    I really wanted to do this Foreo Luna 2 review because, like many other people, I had no idea just how different the Foreo Luna was to other cleansing brushes, in fact, I didn’t even realise it had an anti-aging side to it. I had already invested in a Clarisonic, which by the way I fell in love with (full review here) but I couldn’t help be wonder how the Foreo Luna compared especially with the added anti-aging feature. If you’re new to cleansing brushes then I have to say they really are a very effective cleansing tool and once you’ve used one, it’s very hard to go back to…

  • What is facial flex
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    What is Facial-Flex and What Can it Do

    So, what is Facial-Flex and what exactly does this little contraption do? I came across this unusual looking item not so long ago and it caught my attention not only because of its unusual appearance (it does look more like something you’d expect to find in a dentist’s office) but also because of what it claimed it could do. There’s certainly no shortage of different skincare gadgets and gizmos out there that are said to have the ability to improve the signs of aging but Facial-Flex states that it’s the only manual facial exerciser that is clinically proven to work. So let’s have a look at how this device works…

  • What is a jade roller
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    What is a Jade Roller

    So, what is a jade roller and what can this little gem do for your skin? I’m always looking for new and cool ideas when it comes to skincare and although this item is certainly not a new concept, it’s coolness more than grabbed my attention. It’s also extremely pretty and luxurious looking and being a self-confessed sufferer of shiny object syndrome, I just simply had to have one. I’ve recently become quite obsessed with dry brushing and it was while doing some research for this that I accidentally came across the jade roller and what a pleasant accidental discovery it was. It turns out that jade rolling has been…

  • Clarisonic Cleansing Brush Review
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    Clarisonic Skin Care Brush – Review

    So I’ve been coming across the Clarisonic skin care brush quite a lot recently and started to wonder whether it was something worth looking into. It seems to have pretty good reviews and quite a large following so I decided that I would give it a try and see what it could do. Unfortunately for me (I’m so indecisive) it turns out that Clarisonic has a whole range of these things ranging from somewhat expensive (depending on who you ask) to super expensive so my first task was trying to decide which one I wanted to try. How It Differs From Cheaper Brushes I have used cheaper cleansing brushes in…