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    Sweet Almond Oil For Skin And Hair – My 12 Week Test To See If It Really Works

    If I had a pound for every time I heard people talking about how they use sweet almond oil for skin and hair purposes, I’d be swimming in a serious amount of coins by now. And its not just sweet almond oil either, its coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, the list just goes on and on. But here’s the thing, do any of these oils actually work and if so, which ones work best on which areas? I personally alternate between three different oils currently and they are sweet almond oil, coconut oil and argan oil but because I interchange them regularly, its very hard to distinguish…

  • The Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin
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    The Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin

    There are numerous oils used for skin care purposes and because of the benefits of almond oil for skin, it has earned a well-deserved place as one of the favourites. And although it’s not quite as non-comedogenic as the popular argan oil, it is still relatively low on the “pore clogging scale” which means that it’s generally unlikely to cause most people issues on the pore clogging front. Almonds and almond oil have long been known for their health benefits but almond oil also has numerous benefits when applied to the skin too and there are a lot of different ways in which you can use it making it quite…

  • Do Facial Exercises Really Work
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    Do Facial Exercises Really Work?

    You’ve probably already heard about facial exercises or facial yoga but do facial exercises really work or are they just some crazy fad that many people have fallen for? I actually have a serious interest in this topic because if they’re anywhere near as effective as some people claim they are, then I for one would like to know more about them. They’re not even a new concept, in fact, the likes of facial yoga have been around for many centuries but it’s only really taken off in the last decade due to its celebrity following. With the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston singing its praises, you can…

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    Argan Oil vs Coconut Oil – Which One Is Best For Skin and Hair

    Argan oil vs coconut oil, which one would you choose for skin and hair? Maybe you like them both and use them for different purposes but is one better than the other or do they both have their place for different reasons? I personally like them both but I also use them for different areas of the body and one is used more sparingly than the other for reasons I’ll explain further on. They’re both seriously beneficial when it comes to skin and hair care but unfortunately one may be more problematic than the other. So let’s look at the pros and cons of each one and why they may…

  • The benefits of Pycnogenol for skin
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    The Benefits Of Pycnogenol For Skin – The Anti-Aging Supplement

    The benefits of Pycnogenol for skin are actually quite substantial to the point where I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard of this product sooner. Pycnogenol is a dietary supplement that is used to help a whole host of health needs but as a side effect, it was discovered that it also had some pretty powerful anti-aging qualities too. For the most part, Pycnogenol (pronounced “pick-nodge-en-all” in case you’re trying to say it) is sold for its health benefits but more and more people are now starting to talk about its skin benefits particularly its ability to reduce the signs of aging and improve overall skin condition. How I Came Across…

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    Superfoods For Skin – Why I Can’t Get Enough Of Bioglan Supergreens

    There are tons of superfoods for skin out there but I came across a product that I just had to write about and that’s Bioglan Superfoods – Supergreens. Now, this product is not exactly sold for its skincare benefits but with so many vitamins and minerals in it, it was bound to have an effect on skin condition. It’s not just topically applied products that are important when it comes to good skin care, our intake (or lack thereof) of important skin benefiting vitamins and minerals can have an enormous effect on the condition and appearance of our skin. An Accidental Discovery This was actually a completely accidental discovery that…

  • Benefits of oil pulling for skin
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    Benefits of Oil Pulling for Skin

    There are a lot of reported benefits to oil pulling but what about the benefits of oil pulling for skin? I’ve read so much about all the different things it may supposedly help with and the oral health and skin benefits are what really peaked my interest. Believe it or not, it’s actually quite a debated subject so I’ll try to share as much as I’ve found so you can decide for yourself what to think about oil pulling. So before your imaginations start running wild and believe me, I know mine did, oil pulling does not resemble some strange workout involving large bottles of oil and a big long…

  • What is a jade roller
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    What is a Jade Roller

    So, what is a jade roller and what can this little gem do for your skin? I’m always looking for new and cool ideas when it comes to skincare and although this item is certainly not a new concept, it’s coolness more than grabbed my attention. It’s also extremely pretty and luxurious looking and being a self-confessed sufferer of shiny object syndrome, I just simply had to have one. I’ve recently become quite obsessed with dry brushing and it was while doing some research for this that I accidentally came across the jade roller and what a pleasant accidental discovery it was. It turns out that jade rolling has been…

  • The benefits of aloe vera for the skin
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    The Benefits of Aloe Vera for the Skin

    The benefits of aloe vera for the skin are actually far more extensive than most people realise. As much as this plant has been used for easing sunburn, it has a lot more going for it than just that. Aloe vera is actually packed full of beneficial nutrients that include many amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E, making it quite the powerhouse especially when it comes to skin care. Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant that is a member of the lily family and it can be found in many hot climates throughout the world. It has been used for centuries for…

  • The Benefits Of Manuka Honey For The Skin
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    The Benefits of Manuka Honey for the Skin

    If you don’t already know about the benefits of manuka honey for the skin then you’re about to find out. You probably already know about the health benefits but did you know that it’s also beneficial for the skin when applied topically and that there are numerous ways in which you can use it. Unlike many people out there, I’m not a lover of honey, in fact, I’m the complete opposite, my taste buds just can’t tolerate it, which in all honesty is a real shame because I know how beneficial it would be to my health if I could only bring myself to eat it. However, all is not…