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  • Homemade skin care ingredients
    Homemade Skincare

    Homemade Skin Care Ingredients – The Must Haves

    If you love a bit of DIY skin care then there are a few homemade skin care ingredients that you should never be without. A whole array of homemade skin care treatments can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen and almost all of them can be made with ingredients that you more than likely already have floating around in your cupboards or refrigerator. There are however a handful of ingredients that any enthusiastic skin care DIYer should never be without. Here’s a list of some of the most important ones to get your creative DIY side started. Coconut Oil It’s no real surprise to see coconut oil…

  • Easy Homemade Body Scrubs
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    Easy Homemade Body Scrubs

    Who doesn’t love a bit of DIY when it comes to skincare and the following easy homemade body scrubs are a great place to start. The skin on the body is not quite as fragile as the skin on the face which means that there are more ingredients that you can use when making your own do it yourself skin care products for the body. One of the best things about homemade body scrubs is that they are completely natural, seriously cheap and easy to make with most of them only requiring two or three different ingredients although you could add more depending on how adventurous you want to get. You…

  • Simple Homemade Face Mask Recipes
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    Simple Homemade Face Mask Recipes

    If you’re a salon facial fan looking for a cheaper way to get your pampering fix, then why not try some of these simple homemade face mask recipes that you can make yourself without having to even leave your kitchen.  As much as we all love the relaxing feel of a salon facial, sometimes when money is tight or time is short, it can be an unattainable luxury so why not check out these simple ideas that will not only save you time but also save you money as well. Banana Mask Yes, the good old banana can be used to make a nice moisturising face mask. Bananas are full…

  • Home Remedies For Sagging Eyelids
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    Home Remedies for Sagging Eyelids

    Have you ever thought about home remedies for sagging eyelids? Most of us have or will at some stage suffer from sagging eyelids which not only make us look tired but can also make us look older than we actually are. Most people associate sagging eyelids with age but it’s not just an aging issue. Insufficient sleep, stress or dehydration can all be contributing factors that can cause havoc with our appearance and especially our eye area. Even genetics can play a role and cause some people to have naturally sagging eyelids no matter what steps they take to try and avoid them. So are there any home remedies that…