Home Remedies For Sagging Eyelids

Home Remedies for Sagging Eyelids

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Have you ever thought about home remedies for sagging eyelids? Most of us have or will at some stage suffer from sagging eyelids which not only make us look tired but can also make us look older than we actually are. Most people associate sagging eyelids with age but it’s not just an aging issue. Insufficient sleep, stress or dehydration can all be contributing factors that can cause havoc with our appearance and especially our eye area.

Even genetics can play a role and cause some people to have naturally sagging eyelids no matter what steps they take to try and avoid them. So are there any home remedies that can help improve the appearance of sagging eyelids? Well, the simple answer is yes. There are actually quite a few home remedies and below is a list of some of the most popular ones. And one of the best things about them is that all of them will cost little to nothing to try. So have a little fun and pampering time and give them a try.

Egg White

Egg Whites For Sagging Eyes

Every now and again you stumble upon a little gem of a trick and that’s exactly what this is. Although this is a very temporary fix, it is probably one of the quickest, easiest and most effective remedies I’ve come across and it takes very little time to get the hang of. All you need is an egg white and a cotton bud and you’re ready to go.

First, separate the egg white from the yolk, then dip the cotton bud into the egg white and with your eye closed, run the cotton bud across the crease of your eyelid. Keep your eye closed until the egg white has dried and if placed correctly, you should be left with a nice lifted eyelid.

A Few Attempts May Be Needed

It will however probably take a few attempts to get it in the right place. On my first attempt, my eyelids were held open so widely that it left me looking like a deer in a headlight and that was not the look I was going for. However, on the third attempt, I got it right.

This effect should last you for the whole day but as we’re dealing with uncooked eggs here, it is wise to wash it off at the end of the day and wash any makeup brushes that have come into contact with it to prevent the spread of any bacteria. Some people use this technique for special occasions only but others love it so much that they use it every single day.


Cucumbers are an old favourite and people have been using them for years to soothe and hydrate tired, swollen eyes. Cucumbers contain both caffeic acid and ascorbic acid which can help reduce water retention and alleviating puffiness and swelling around the eyes. They also have a tightening effect and are high in antioxidants, potassium and vitamin E which are all great at fighting the signs of aging. Simply place cold cucumber slices over the eyes and leave them on for around 15 minutes.


If you do not have any cucumbers to hand then potatoes can be just as effective if not more so. They too can alleviate swelling by removing excess water and tighten the area around the eyes. Simply place two raw, peeled and washed potato slices on the eyes and leave them on for around 15 minutes.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags For Sagging Eyes

Tea bags are another good old favourite because they are filled with antioxidants and although people can use any old tea bag, green and black tea are very popular choices due to their high caffeine content which can restrict the blood vessels and reduce swelling.

Chamomile is also another popular choice because it is an anti-inflammatory and can help soothe inflammation. To use, simply place two used chilled tea bags on the eyes and leave them on for about 20 minutes.

Cold Compress

This can help tighten up the skin around the eyes and can be done in a couple of different ways. One way is to place a very cold spoon (the curved side against the face) over the eye and hold it there for a few minutes or until it starts to warm up. You may need to do this a couple of times so it’s well worth having a number of spoons ready in the refrigerator.

Another way to do this is by rolling an ice cube over the eyelids for a number of minutes although do brace yourself for the serious eye freeze that will ensue with both these techniques. And when you find yourself short of time, even splashing your face with cold water can help revitalise and awaken those eyes.


Hydration For Sagging Eyes

Dehydration can actually be a common reason for sagging eyes because dehydration can lead to water retention which can cause swelling and puffiness in the eye area, so drink plenty of water and avoid salt, caffeine and artificial sweeteners as they can all cause the retention of fluid.

Eye Exercises

These are becoming quite popular and there are actually tons of these for different areas of the face. For the eyes, place your three middle fingers directly under each eyebrow and slowly and gently push slightly up and out without causing any skin to crease. Hold for 5 seconds then release. Repeat again but this time, hold for 10 seconds and for the last few seconds, close your eyes while still holding the brow in place. Repeat the second step two more times to complete the exercise.

A Word Of Caution

The egg white trick can have hilarious results when first attempted so it’s probably best to try it out when you’re alone. I strongly advise against trying it in the presence of friends or family who are likely to make fun of you if it all goes south and even more so if they happen to have a camera to hand but if anyone else has a deer in a headlight moment, please do share so I know I’m not the only one.




  • Alex

    Hi there! 😀
    I LOVE your tips. Personally i find a huge difference when i drink enough water and get a good 7-9 hours of sleep.
    My mother uses egg whites couple times a month or so and she says it really tightens up the area (but gosh it looks hilarius xD)
    Anyway really thanks for all of that info, lots of things to learn from these posts 😀

    • Jessie

      Hi Alex

      Thank you. Yes, insufficient sleep or water are amongst the worst culprits for sagging eyelids. Egg whites can actually be used in a number of different ways but you’re right, they’re not the most flattering of techniques. I’m glad you found the post helpful.

  • Basem

    Hey Jessie!

    Great post. I always have this problem because of my lack of sleep. Especially now because I’m taking a summer semester (biggest mistake in my academic career lol). I’ll try these home remedies especially the tea bags because I drink a lot of tea to stay awake.

    Thank you!

  • Gilbert

    You may find it odd that a guy like myself would be very interested in an article and website such as this but I am always trying the best I can to look dashing. I not only workout out and have really long hair, but I even use Anti-aging face wash in the shower. What really caught my attention in this post was the interesting fact that stress can cause you to look older or not as pretty as usual. This was something that I have noticed in the past whenever I was stressing out, I could notice a difference in my face which would anger me. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that stress was causing my face to look older. However, I always knew that stress leads to becoming bald which would be an absolute nightmare for me. My dad is bald! I want to look nothing like him and I really love my long hair even though it’s hard to manage. Anyways, I’m just glad I found this site. I’ll definitely be adding this to my favorites so I can always learn new things I can use to make myself look better!

    • Jessie

      Hi Gilbert

      I’m glad you like my site. I don’t think it’s odd at all. Nowadays men are just as interested in skin care as much as women are. My husband is one of them, he’s almost as bad as me lol. Anyway, thank you for your comment and I’m glad you found it useful.

  • Rose

    Jesse your website is refreshing!

    I will definitely be trying the tea bags soon, and the cucumbers later when I get some.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Liz

    Thanks for your tips! The warning is hilarious and makes me want to try the eggwhite one! I’ll definitely try the exercises though.

    Thanks again and have a great week.

    • Jessie

      Hi Liz

      Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. It was hilarious when it happened. I’m just glad no one else was around to see it. Definitely give it a try though, if you can get it right, it’s pretty effective.

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