• What Is Alpha Hydroxy Acid
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    What Is Alpha Hydroxy Acid And How Does It Benefit Your Skin

    So, what is alpha hydroxy acid in the world of skincare and what can it do for your skin. You’ve more than likely heard of it before at least by its more common name of AHA but what exactly is it and what can you expect from using it. Well, it turns out quite a bit especially if you’re looking to up your anti-aging skincare game. If your end goal is for smoother, clearer and healthier looking skin, then AHAs may just be another great addition to complement your existing skincare arsenal. What Are AHAs AHAs are chemical compounds that are used in skincare products as a chemical exfoliant to…

  • Copper For Skin
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    The Anti-Aging Benefits Of Copper For Skin

    People have been using copper for skin care purposes for centuries all the way back as far as Egyptian times but what is it about this precious metal that’s so beneficial for skin? Often hailed by numerous ancient civilizations for having mystical powers, copper has been used for many different reasons ranging from pain relief to boosting the immune system and even boosting hair health and healing wounds. Some even swear that wearing it improves their mood and overall feeling of well being and from a skin care point of view it seems to have numerous benefits that have many singing its praises. In fact, it’s often added to many…

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    The Best Peptides For Skin – The Ones To Look Out For

    Have you ever wondered what peptides were all about in the skincare world and what the best peptides for skin were? There’s a serious amount of them out there and each one comes with its own seriously complicated name that only a cosmetic chemist could appreciate but what exactly are they and which ones are the most popular in skincare products? Chances are that you’re probably already using a product that contains peptides in some shape or form but if you’re not then they really are worth considering as an added addition to your skin routine. What Are Peptides So I’m going to try and write this in the simplest…

  • Alguronic Acid Benefits and Side Effects
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    Alguronic Acid Benefits And Side Effects – The Relatively New Skincare Ingredient

    If you’re a follower of the Algenist brand then you’ve more than likely come across their patented breakthrough skincare ingredient Alguronic acid but what exactly is it and what kind of Alguronic acid benefits can you expect if you add it to your skincare routine? Are there any Alguronic acid side effects and where did this so-called super anti-ageing ingredient come from? As Alguronic acid is still a relatively new skincare ingredient, the data on it is pretty sparse so I had to search quite long and hard to find any good information about it. Alguronic acid has actually only been around for about seven or so years so the…

  • What is ferulic acid
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    What Is Ferulic Acid – Why It’s A Must-Have In Your Skincare Arsenal

    So what is ferulic acid and why is it so popular in the world of skincare? You’ve probably come across it numerous times already especially if you’re an avid user of vitamin C serums although you will find it in more products than just that but what exactly is it and what can it do in terms of anti-aging and keeping our skin protected from damage. If you’re anything like me then you probably want to know the whys, whats, and wheres of everything especially when it comes to skincare and anything that you’re going to be applying frequently to your face. I know I personally don’t like adding anything…

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    Superfoods For Skin – Why I Can’t Get Enough Of Bioglan Supergreens

    There are tons of superfoods for skin out there but I came across a product that I just had to write about and that’s Bioglan Superfoods – Supergreens. Now, this product is not exactly sold for its skincare benefits but with so many vitamins and minerals in it, it was bound to have an effect on skin condition. It’s not just topically applied products that are important when it comes to good skin care, our intake (or lack thereof) of important skin benefiting vitamins and minerals can have an enormous effect on the condition and appearance of our skin. An Accidental Discovery This was actually a completely accidental discovery that…

  • What does vitamin E do for skin
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    What Does Vitamin E do for Skin

    So, what does vitamin E do for skin and what makes it such a popular ingredient in skin care products? Well, vitamin E can help with a number of things but it is most well known in the skin care world for being a powerful antioxidant that can help repair and protect the skin against free radical damage making it an excellent ingredient that can help slow down the signs of aging. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be found in a variety of different forms but the most common one is alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that can help to maintain a healthy immune…

  • What is alcohol free skin care
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    What is Alcohol Free Skin Care – What it Really Means

    So, what is alcohol-free skin care and what does it actually mean? I wrote a post recently about the different types of alcohols used in skin care products and a few people were shocked to discover that alcohol-free doesn’t always mean completely alcohol-free so I decided I needed to dedicate a whole post to the subject. Much like fragrance-free which may not be completely free of all fragrance, alcohol-free falls into that same category where the term is not completely accurate (at least not from the general public’s point of view) and some might even say slightly misleading. But most companies expect us, the consumers to understand the definition and…

  • The benefits of aloe vera for the skin
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    The Benefits of Aloe Vera for the Skin

    The benefits of aloe vera for the skin are actually far more extensive than most people realise. As much as this plant has been used for easing sunburn, it has a lot more going for it than just that. Aloe vera is actually packed full of beneficial nutrients that include many amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E, making it quite the powerhouse especially when it comes to skin care. Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant that is a member of the lily family and it can be found in many hot climates throughout the world. It has been used for centuries for…

  • What is fragrance free
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    What is Fragrance-Free – Why it May Still be Irritating Your Skin

    So, what is fragrance-free and what does it really mean? Many people opt for fragrance-free in the belief that it is free from all irritants but is that really the case? Well, the answer to that question is no, not necessarily because much like the case of alcohol-free which turns out to only refer to a certain type of alcohol, fragrance-free only means that no extra fragrance was added to the original formula for aroma purposes. So isn’t that just typical, just when you thought you had your skincare down to a fine art, you discover that not all is what it seems and your seemingly gentle fragrance-free product may…