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  • Dry Cracked Feet
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    Dry Cracked Feet? Could Sudocrem Be The Answer?

    I’m not gonna lie, I suffer from dry cracked feet on the regular so I’m forever trying new gadgets and creams to try and solve the problem. Most of the time the different remedies work but I get bored and lazy and once the desired results are achieved, I neglect my feet all over again and end up right back where I started. I live in a cold climate so it’s not as though my feet are on display on a regular basis so you can understand why they’re not up there as a top priority especially considering that nobody ever sees them. However come the summer months I always…

  • Best Home Pedicure Tools
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    5 Best Home Pedicure Tools 2018

    The best home pedicure tools can be a great way to achieve salon smooth feet all within the comfort of your own home and usually for a fraction of the price of a salon treatment (well, depending on how high end you want to go with your at home product). But even if you do feel like splurging on a more expensive product, once you have it, the savings will soon out way the recurring cost of constant salon treatments after just a handful of uses. What’s even better is that you can do it at any time that suits you and you don’t have to go through the embarrassing…