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The Foods That Are Bad For Your Skin

The foods that are bad for your skin

I recently wrote about the best foods for glowing skin but what about the foods that are bad for your skin. It only seems fair to give them a mention as well, after all, it’s just as important to know the bad ones as well as the good ones. If you’re noticing that your skin isn’t looking it’s best then…
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The Benefits of Gold for the Skin

The benefits of gold for the skin

What exactly are the benefits of gold for the skin and why is it being added to so many skin care products and treatments? The whole concept of this really interests me, not only because it sounds really luxurious but also because those who indulge in these types of skin care treatments seem to have nothing but good things to…
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Best Food for Glowing Skin

Best food for glowing skin

So, what is the best food for glowing skin? There are a number of different things that we can do to help improve the appearance of our skin from face creams to high-end facial treatments but what about the foods we consume in our diets. They do say that you are what you eat and the food that we consume…
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Strange Beauty Tools That Will Make You Giggle

Strange Beauty Tools

Who knew there were so many strange beauty tools out there. I’ve been researching many different anti aging skin care products recently and I’ve been coming across some of the strangest products you could possibly imagine. In fact, many of them so strange that I decided to dedicate a whole post to them. And the craziest thing about these weird…
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What Does Zinc do for Skin

What does zinc do for skin

So, what does zinc do for skin and why is this mineral so important? When it comes to skincare, we’ll often hear about the importance of vitamins and minerals, in particular vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, but we don’t always hear about the importance of zinc. For many people, zinc is not the first thing to spring to…
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