How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles From Under the Eyes

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When you’re thinking about how to get rid of dark circles from under the eyes, it’s worth taking into consideration what may have caused them in the first place. Under eye circles can strike at any age and leave us looking like a prized panda. They can make us look tired, unwell or even older than we actually are and trying to combat them is something that most of us have had to deal with at some stage in our lives.

The appearance of dark circles under the eyes are the result of blood vessels showing through from underneath the skin and the excessive build-up of blood in the under eye area can make the problem even more apparent if it wasn’t already. There are a number of things that can cause the issue but there are also plenty of things that you can do to help alleviate it too.

woman-698943_640What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes

There are many things that contribute to the cause of dark circles under the eyes and genetics can often play a vital role. If you naturally have fair or thin skin, this can often make you more prone to dark circles under the eyes because it’s easier to see the blood vessels through thinner skin areas of the body and any time there is excessive blood accumulation, they become far more noticeable as well.

Another common issue that can contribute to the problem is allergies. The constant rubbing combined with inflamed blood vessels caused by the release of histamines can exacerbate the issue. Age is another common culprit because as we age, collagen begins to break down which results in thinning of the skin, this, in turn, makes the blood vessels more visible through the skin hence resulting in the dark circles.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

A deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals can also be part of the problem and both iron and vitamin K are prime examples. Iron helps to carry oxygen to the cells but if cells are not getting enough oxygen, this can lead to them having a darker appearance under the skin which leads to a worsening of under eye circles. Good food sources of iron include red meat, seafood, green leafy vegetables and iron-fortified cereals.

Vitamin K is an anticoagulant (prevents blood clotting) that can contribute to the strengthening of blood vessels which helps to keep them protected from damage. A deficiency of vitamin K can lead to broken capillaries which can make the appearance of under-eye circles look even worse. Good food sources of vitamin K include green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, prunes, and broccoli. You may have even noticed that many eye creams also contain vitamin K.

under eye circles from sleepOther Causes

The build-up of blood under the eyes can often happen after sleeping a certain way overnight. Adding an extra pillow can help to prevent excess blood building up under the eyes or avoiding sleeping on your stomach may also help alleviate the problem. There are also certain medications that cause blood vessels to dilate which can be another cause.

Insufficient sleep is often the first thing we think about when it comes to dark circles and as much as it may contribute to the problem, too much sleep can be as equally responsible so getting the right amount of sleep on a consistent basis can provide some improvement. Excessive drinking and smoking can also be a cause so limiting your intake may help lessen their appearance.

How to Treat Dark Under Eye Circles

There are quite a few things that you can do to help with under eye circles starting with avoiding excess sun exposure which can encourage the productions of more melanin which makes the dark circles look worse. A cold compress can be an effective temporary measure to improve the appearance of dark circles by constricting the blood vessels.

If the problem stems from allergy symptoms, then an over the counter antihistamine can help reduce the severity. Keeping well hydrated is another good step as dehydration and water retention can cause under eye bags which make dark circles more prominent. There are also plenty of eye creams available that contain vitamin k which may also help and also those containing caffeine can provide temporary improvement.

If the condition is due to thin skin, then you may want to consider investing in a well-formulated cream or serum that contains collagen stimulating ingredients. A retinol serum is a good choice for this reason but a vitamin C serum is also a good option and because it also has brightening properties, this can help improve dark circles even further.

Fillers for under eye circlesProfessional Treatments

When all else fails, some people choose a more drastic route by opting for professional treatments and while there are a few different options that can help improve the appearance of dark under eye circles, most come at a very high price with numerous side effects and risks attached.

Laser treatment is one such option that is said to help lessen the amount of melanin in the skin and some studies suggest that it may help promote collagen production too.

Filler injections are another option as they help to conceal the blood vessels that cause the appearance of dark circles in the first place. One final option is a treatment called Thermage which is a skin tightening treatment that is believed to help promote collagen production which may help those with thinner skin.

Final Thoughts

Dark circles under the eyes can cause us to feel self-conscious and less confident about the way we look and finding a solution to the problem can become an overwhelming need for someone suffering from this problem. There are many things that you can try to help diminish the appearance of dark circles and although the latter examples are more extreme ways to tackle the problem, there are plenty of other less expensive and less risky ways to try first.

Do you or have you ever experienced dark circles under the eyes? If you have a success or failure story that you would like to share on the subject, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.






  • Nemanja

    I always have dark circles under my eyes. Always. I don’t know, maybe my skin is just naturally thin.

    Sleep doesn’t help, it ain’t vitamins or minerals.. maybe i should try putting on some cream.

    But i’m never getting a professional treatment. I ain’t fiddling with that, it’s scary, haha.

    Thank you for the information. 🙂

    • Jessie

      Hi Nemanja

      Yeah, I agree with you there. The professional treatments are pretty drastic and definitely on the scary side. I have a friend who much like yourself, has always suffered with dark circles and it didn’t seem to matter what she did, nothing seemed to improve them. It was only when she started using retinol at night and a vitamin C serum during the day that she saw any kind of improvement so the creams may well be worth looking into.

      If all else fails, then there’s always the good old faithful concealer but if you do decide to try the creams then I hope they give you a more permanent solution. You might also want to check out the first product (the Clinique Superdefense one) on this eye cream post. Anyone with dark circles seem to swear by it.

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