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  • Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Age Defying Eye Cream Review
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    Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Age-Defying Eye Cream Review

    I love Manuka Doctor products and their Age-Defying Eye Cream is no exception. You see, I’m having quite the love affair with them at the moment ever since I tried their ApiNourish Night Cream and their Age-Defying Serum. I was so impressed with both of them that I ended up on a mad spending spree trying to acquire as many products from their ApiNourish range as I could possibly get my hands on. There was a half price sale on at the time so I’m using that as my excuse to justify my splurge (a girl can’t resist a bargain after all) and their eye cream was just one of…

  • Eye Wrinkle Cream
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    Eye Wrinkle Cream, Do We Really Need It?

    Well, in the world of skincare, everything seems to be a debate and yet again here’s another one. Do we really need eye wrinkle cream or is it just overpriced moisturiser in a smaller package. Well, the debate on this one is pretty hot and I doubt it will come to an end anytime soon. With answers ranging from “yes, it’s an absolute necessity” to “No, it’s no different to your regular moisturiser”, it can be very hard to know which way to sway. Although it’s true that the skin around the eye area is more fragile and sensitive, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the eye area requires different ingredients…